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Obstetrics - Medical PG Entrance Book

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Obstetrics - Medical PG Entrance Book

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Author : Medpgnotes

Price : Rs.60

Number of Pages : 64

Format : PDF

Size : 1 MB



Author : Medpgnotes

Price : Rs.60

Number of Pages : 64

Format : PDF

Size : 1 MB

Contents :

Obstetric anatomy

Anatomy in obstetrics
Obstetric diameters
Fetal diameters and presentation

Physiology of obstetrics

Signs of pregnancy
Physiological changes in pregnancy
Nutrition and pregnancy

Gestational trophoblastic diseases

Features of gestational trophoblastic diseases
Management of gestational trophoblastic diseases

Amniotic fluid and diseases associated with amniotic fluid

Amniotic fluid
Diseases of amniotic fluid

Abortion and medical termination of pregnancy

Features of abortion
First trimester abortion
Second trimester abortion
Medical termination of pregnancy

Intrauterine death and induction of labor

Intrauterine death
Induction of labor

Ectopic pregnancy

Features of ectopic pregnancy
Management of ectopic pregnancy

Multifetal pregnancy

Features of multifetal pregnancy
Complications and management of multifetal pregnancy

Normal labor

General features of labor
Management of labor

Preterm labor and prolonged pregnancy

Preterm labor
Prolonged pregnancy

Antepartum hemorrhage

General features of antepartum hemorrhage
Placenta previa
Abruptio placenta

Postpartum hemorrhage

Features of postpartum hemorrhage
Management of postpartum hemorrhage

Infections in pregnancy

General features of infections in pregnancy
HIV infection in pregnancy
Rubella in pregnancy
Hepatitis in pregnancy
Chicken pox in pregnancy
Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy


Features of breech presentation
Management of breech presentation
Transverse lie
Occipitoposterior presentation and deep transverse arrest
Face presentation
Brow presentation
Mentoposterior presentation
Cord prolapse
Compound presentation
Contracted pelvis and CPD
Types of pelvis

Obstructed labor

Features of obstructed labor
Scar dehiscence
Uterine rupture


Features of puerperium
Puerperal sepsis

Pregnancy in Rh negative women

Features of Rh isoimmunisation
Management of Rh isoimmunisation

Operative obstetrics

External cephalic version
Internal podalic version
Forceps delivery
Ventouse extraction
Amniotomy or artificial rupture of membranes
Paracervical block

Diseases complicating pregnancy

General features of diseases complicating pregnancy
Anemia in pregnancy
Features of diabetes mellitus in pregnancy
Management of diabetes mellitus in pregnancy
Features of hypertensive diseases of pregnancy
Management of hypertensive diseases of pregnancy
Features of heart diseases in pregnancy
Management of heart diseases in pregnancy

Drugs in pregnancy

Indications of drug in pregnancy
Safe drugs in pregnancy
Unsafe drugs in pregnancy
Drugs of obstetrics
Drugs and placenta

Newborn diseases

General features of newborn diseases
Gestational weeks
Fetal monitoring
Fetal distress
Large for date babies
Anencephaly and neural tube defects
Chorionic villi sampling


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