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Immunology - Medical PG Entrance Book

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Immunology - Medical PG Entrance Book

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Author : Medpgnotes

Price : Rs.30

Number of Pages : 28

Format : PDF

Size : 768 kb



Author : Medpgnotes

Price : Rs.30

Number of Pages : 28

Format : PDF

Size : 768 kb

Contents :


Types of graft
Graft rejection
Runt disease
Organ transplantation

Immune system

Types of immunity
General features of immune system
Major histocompatibility complex
Natural killer cells
Antigen presenting cells
T cells, b cells and plasma cells
Lymphoid organs

Diseases of immune system

Bruton’s agammaglobulinemia
Severe combined immunodeficiency
Job’s syndrome
Hyper IgM syndrome
Autoimmune diseases
Di George syndrome
Antibodies associated with diseases

Antigen and antibody

Antigen antibody interaction
Tests for antigen and antibody


Structure of immunoglobulin
Physiology of immunoglobulin
General features of immunoglobulin
Ig G
Ig A
Ig M
Ig D
Ig E


General features of hypersensitivity reactions
Type I hypersensitivity
Type II hypersensitivity
Type III hypersensitivity
Type IV hypersensitivity

Immunohistochemistry markers


General features of vaccination
Live and killed vaccines
Universal immunization programme
National immunisation programme
Expanded programme for immunisation
Herd immunity
Storage of vaccines
Measles vaccine
Rubella vaccine
Cholera vaccine
Typhoid vaccine
Yellow fever vaccine
Pneumococcal vaccine
Oral polio vaccine
Reverse cold chain
Injectable polio vaccine
DPT vaccine
BCG vaccine
MMR vaccine
Rabies vaccine
Influenza vaccine
Hepatitis A vaccine
Hepatitis B vaccine
Hemophilus influenza b vaccine
Chicken pox vaccine
Meningococcal vaccine
Japanese encephalitis vaccine
Rotavirus vaccine
HPV vaccine
Vaccination of unimmunised child


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